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Foreign Investment Company

Foreign entity or Individual willing to invest in Indonesia. Suitable for business expansion, trading, property investment.

Up to 100% ownership

Open to most sectors

No need to come to Indonesia

Bank account

2 shareholders minimum

Suitable for trading and investment

3 days to 2 week

Local Company

Suitable for sectors closed to Foreign Investment or investors with limited investment

No restriction in activities

Less compliance

2 local shareholders

Can hire foreigners

2 shareholders minimum

Suitable trading and small investment

2 days to 2 week

Representative Office

Suitable for companies willing to test the market in Indonesia. No Tax implication. Allow you to hire employees

Represents a foreign entity

Can hire foreigners and employees

No need to come to Indonesia

Bank account

Foreign or local director

Suitable for construction, trading..

1 week

Are you willing to invest but you are not sure which entity is suitable?

Our team is available to define which option is the most suitable for your investment based on your activity, your capital investment and the location. Get a free online meeting with us.

We Help You To Understand your Market

Strategic Planning

We specialize in developing customized roadmaps that align with your business objectives, ensuring strategic precision at every step.

Market Research

In-depth market insights and competitor analyses, providing a robust foundation for informed decision-makers.

Business Expansion

Hands-on guidance and strategies for seamless market entry and growth, turning expansion goals into realities.

We specialize in crafting detailed business plans, providing insightful market analysis, and guiding business expansion and establishment. Our approach is to equip clients with the knowledge, strategies, and tools necessary for making informed decisions and achieving sustainable growth. Whether you’re an established corporation seeking expansion or an entrepreneur venturing into new markets, ILA’s advisory services are your gateway to successful market engagement and investment optimization in a threadedly evolving region. Discover our strategic and investment advisory services in Indonesia and Singapore.

What sets us apart


Experienced Business Team

Team of expert senior consultants who prioritize your investments.

Communication and Trust

We know that investments require care and communication.

Tax and Legal Experts

Our team is made up of skilled people who have top-level certifications.

Smart Choice

ILA represents the convergence of strategic acumen and market insight, making us the smart choice for navigating Southeast Asia's business landscape.​


Our expertise is your advantage — ILA brings unparalleled regional knowledge and sector-specific acumen to each client engagement.


At ILA, security is paramount — we ensure your investments and legal interests are safeguarded with utmost diligence and foresight

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