Second Home Visa

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The second home visa is a multiple entry visa allowing foreigners to stay in Indonesia for a period of 5 years. The visa is granted to foreigners investing in a property or making a deposit in an Indonesian bank account (bank state owned).


What are the requirements to obtain a second home visa

A foreigner can obtain a second home visa by investing in a property of 1 000 000 USD or depositing 130 000 USD on an Indonesian bank account (Mandiri, BNI, BTN, BRI).

The investment in a property has to be on a freehold property (Hak PaKai) under the name of the applicant.

The visa can be applied at any time but once the visa is obtained the applicant has 90 days to deposit the amount in a bank account or show the certificate of ownership to the immigration.


What are the benefits and obligations of a second home KITAS?

As a KITAS holder a foreigner is considered as a resident in Indonesia and can benefit from some advantages such as being able to buy a vehicle, subscribe to local insurance. The second home visa also facilitates dual residency, allowing the holder to maintain residency status in both Indonesia and their home country.

As part of its obligations, the KITAS holder needs to report to the immigration any changes of its address and register its civil registration (SKTT).


Can I work in Indonesia with a second home visa?

No, the second home visa is a second residency but doesn’t allow the applicant to work in Indonesia. Working in Indonesia requires a working permit (IMTA). The applicant can conduct work for its first residency but cannot generate income in Indonesia.


Can my family get a second home visa?

The second home KITAS allows the applicant to sponsor its relatives such as spouse, kids and even elders. The family can get a visa once the visa of the main applicant has been granted. Once the visa has been issued the applicant has 90 days to enter the country and activate the visa.


Document required

  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Colored Picture (same the one used for a passport)
  • Address in Indonesia
  • Engagement letter to deposit 130 000 USD on a bank account or proof of ownership of a property in Indonesia with a value of 1000 000 USD

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