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A working KITAS is a stay permit granted to foreigners having obtained a working permit from the manpower. The KITAS is valid for 1 year and can be renewed.


What are the requirements for getting a working KITAS?

A foreigner with a working contract with an Indonesian company can obtain a working permit. The employer needs to apply for a working permit by submitting documents to the Ministry of Manpower. Once the work permit (IMTA) is issued, the company needs to proceed with applying for an Indonesian work visa through immigration.

Some positions are open to foreigners. The immigration and manpower have a list of positions which a foreigner can occupy in Indonesia. In other words, the foreigner cannot get a working permit for any position. The sponsor is responsible during the application process and needs to provide several documents (see below).


How long is the process of obtaining a working KITAS?

The process takes several months or weeks. The first step is to apply for an authorization of work permit (RPTKA) and obtain the working permit (IMTA). This working permit process has several steps, such as an HR interview justifying the manpower plan of the company, and the position of the worker in the company. This process itself can take several weeks. The worker is not allowed to work during this period and even after the issuance of the working permit.

The second step is to apply for the Indonesia work visa once the applicant gets their working permit (IMTA). Upon visa issuance, the worker must enter Indonesia to activate the visa and obtain their working KITAS, complying with Indonesia’s working permit regulations.


What are the benefits and obligations for the worker?

The KITAS holder is considered a resident of Indonesia. The applicant can benefit from the residency and have some rights such as buying a property under its name (Hak Pakai), buying a vehicle under its name, opening a bank account or subscribing to insurance such as any local person.

The worker needs to declare their personal income tax every year between January and the end of March following the fiscal year. The company has to pay the income tax each month and pay the benefits such as social security (BPJS).

As a resident the KITAS holder also needs to register their address and, obtain an SKTT and report any address changes to the immigration.

As a KITAS holder, the worker can sponsor their relatives and they can apply for a spouse KITAS or child KITAS to live as well in Indonesia.


Can I work in Indonesia with a working KITAS?

A working KITAS holder is permitted to work solely for the company sponsoring their KITAS and working permit. They are restricted to working only in the position defined on their working permit. For example, if the worker holds a marketing position, they cannot engage in activities like teaching yoga unless specified otherwise in their working permit and visa sponsorship.


What is the cost of a working KITAS?

The cost of the working permit is 100 USD per month (1200 USD per year). In addition, the cost of the KITAS is 18 000 000 IDR for offshore application or 15 500 000 IDR for renewal.


Why should I not apply for an impresario KITAS with whom I don’t work?

Some offer to sponsor an impresario KITAS to work as a DJ or artist. It is important to know that the benefit is supposed to be paid to the company and not directly to the worker. The worker is an employee and not an independent contractor. In theory, the one paying the worker is the company receiving money from the client.


Documents required from the applicant

  • Passport (minimum validity 18 months)
  • CV
  • Reference letter for the last 5 years of work
  • Bachelor’s degree or a certificate of a specialist in the profession (in English)
  • Colour photo for documents
  • Bank account statement with a minimum balance of $2000 from the last 3 months
  • Name of your position in the company
  • Address in Bali
  • Phone number


Closing your Working KITAS (Exit Permit Only)

Your KITAS must be closed if you are not planning to continue working and extending your ITAS. You need to cancel the KITAS before leaving the country or after leaving the country (ERP). It is mandatory if you also plan to apply with another sponsor.

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