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An investor KITAS is a stay permit granted to foreigners investing in a company (PT PMA) and having a minimum share value of 10 billion IDR.

Introduced in 2019, this visa has been misused and sold to several foreigners. As a reminder, this visa cannot be granted to foreigners who are not investing in a company. We describe the potential consequences below.


What are the requirements to get an investor KITAS?

A foreigner investing or creating a company can apply for an investor visa if the shares held in the company have a minimum value of 10 billion IDR. Immigration grants the investor with a Visa. Once the visa is issued the investor needs to enter the country to activate their stay permit (KITAS).

The KITAS is valid for a period of 1 or 2 years and can be renewed while the investor is in the country. This visa is an essential part of facilitating foreign investment in Indonesia, allowing investors to stay and manage their investments directly.


How long is the process of obtaining an investor KITAS?

The application process takes around 3 weeks. The applicant needs to register the company account into the immigration system. Once the company profile is registered, the investor can apply for the investor visa.


What are the benefits and obligations for the investor?

The KITAS holder is considered a resident of Indonesia. The applicant can benefit from the residency and have some rights such as buying a property under its name (Hak Pakai), buying a vehicle under its name, opening a bank account or subscribing to insurance such as any local person.

The investor needs to declare its personal income tax every year between January and the end of March following the fiscal year.

As a resident the KITAS holder also needs to register their address and obtain a SKTT and report any address changes to the immigration.

As a KITAS holder, the investor can sponsor its relatives and they can apply for a spouse KITAS or child KITAS to live as well in Indonesia.


Can I work in Indonesia with an investor KITAS?

An investor KITAS doesn’t allow the KITAS holder to work in Indonesia. If the investor is a director and owns an Investor KITAS, the applicant can eventually control the company, use the bank account, direct and conduct the company policy and approve the financial statement with the commissioner.

If the director wishes to work, the investor should apply for a working permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower.


What is the cost of an investor KITAS?

The cost of an investor KITAS is 18 000 000 IDR including the visa fee for offshore application and 15 500 000 for onshore application (renewal).


Why should I not apply for an investor KITAS in a company I have not established?

Investing in a company makes the investor liable for any action of the company. Purchasing an investor KITAS in a company you do not know may make the application reliable for the irregularity of the company. As the share value is around 600 000 USD, the investor can be reliable for this amount for anything the company does. It is difficult for the investor to control what the agent does with the company and who are the other shareholders.


Documents required from the applicant

  • Passport (minimum validity of 6 months)
  • Address in Bali
  • Personal bank statement with a minimum balance of USD 2000 from the last three months
  • Coloured photo (similar to the one used for a passport)
  • Phone number

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