Indonesia implements a Bridge visa for foreigners currently in Indonesia and planning to change their visa status or their limited stay permit. The bridge visa allows foreigners to apply for a Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) or a Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) without having to leave the country.

Visa Run from Indonesia

The objective of the bridging visa is to prevent foreigners from leaving Indonesia during the transition of their stay permit. Similar to the onshore process implemented during the Covid, this Bridge Visa saves cost to foreigners who do not need to travel overseas to Singapore, Australia, Thailand or Malaysia and enter Indonesia to activate their visa once this one has been issued.

Bridge Visa for KITAS holders changing their type of KITAS

KITAS holders who have a limited stay permit going to expire and need to change sponsors can now stay in Indonesia and do not need to fly out and reenter the country to activate their new KITAS.

Bridge Visa for Temporary Stay Permit to Limited Stay Permit

The great news is for travellers with a temporary stay permit such as Visa On Arrival who can now use this bridge visa during their transition process to a Limited Stay Permit. This new bridge visa allows the foreigner to stay in Indonesia even if their VOA has expired without overstay. As a reminder an overstay in Indonesia costs 1 000 000 IDR per day of overstay.

Application process

The process is simple. Foreigners need to apply 3 days at least before the expiration date of their current visa. They need to login online to in order to get a 60 days bridge visa. This time period is sufficient to get the new KITAS. It is important to note that this bridge visa is not a multiple entry visa.

You can contact us to know more on how to apply for the bridge visa or if you are currently looking for a Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) for Bali and the rest of Indonesia.