Registering a company in Indonesia can be complex or confusing without any help. Some activities (KBLI) are open to 100% investment, and others need partnerships. Wherever you want to register a company in Jakarta, Bali, or Lombok, here is your ultimate guide for Indonesia.

Types of Companies in Indonesia 


Type of CompanyDescriptionOwnership RestrictionsHiring ForeignersAdditional Notes

(Local Owned Company)

A Limited Liability Company with at least 2 shareholders, where investors are liable for their investment amount.Indonesian citizens onlyYes, as employees or directorsMust sponsor a working permit (IMTA) for foreigners.
PT PeroranganA Limited Liability Company owned by a single investor. Suitable for individual ownership.Indonesian citizens onlyNo
CVA legal entity that can be opened under a personal name, without any capital requirement.Indonesian citizens onlyNoPersonal liability extends to personal assets.

(Foreign Owned Company)

A Limited Liability Company with at least one foreign shareholder. The capital requirement varies by activity.Foreigners acceptedYesShareholders can apply for investor visas and KITAS.

Representative Office

Represents an overseas company in Indonesia to facilitate relationships without generating income locally.Foreigners acceptedYesEstablished in major cities; suitable for non-income activities.

Indonesia has different types of companies that operate an activity. Certain types of companies can only be opened by Indonesian citizens while others accept foreigners as shareholders and investors in the company. 

Local owned company (PT PMDN – PT Perorangan)

CV is a legal entity allowing the person to open a company under its personal name. This type of entity doesn’t require any capital. The risk is important as the person is responsible under their personal name and assets for any issues occurring with the activity.


PT PMDN (commonly called Local PT) is a Limited Liability company with 2 shareholders minimum. The investors are responsible for the amount invested in the company. A PT PMDN can hire a foreigner as a director or employee. The company needs at least 1 billion IDR as capital and sponsors a working permit (IMTA) for the foreigner.

Capital requirements for a PT PMDN:

  • Small enterprise: IDR 50 million – 500 million.
  • Medium enterprise: IDR 501 million – 10 billion.
  • Large enterprise: more than IDR 10 billion.


PT Perorangan is a limited liability company under one single ownership. This form of company is suitable for a single investor.

Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA)

A PT PMA is a type of company having at least one foreigner as a shareholder. The PT PMA is a limited liability company (LLC). The capital requirements of the PT PMA differ from one activity to another. The minimum capital requirement is 10 billion IDR.

The company can hire foreigners and operate activities in Indonesia based on the business activities approved during the company’s establishment.

The shareholders of the PT PMA can apply for an investor visa and obtain a limited stay permit called (KITAS). The director of the company needs to get a KITAS in order to obtain a tax number, namely NPWP.

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Representative Office

A representative office is a legal entity representing another company in Indonesia in order to facilitate the relationship between the company overseas and its interests in Indonesia. A company having providers or some projects in Indonesia can choose to open a representative office for its short-term interests or if the mother company doesn’t plan to generate income on the Indonesian territory.

A representative office can hire foreigners and Indonesian citizens. The foreign director (CRO) of the representative office needs to apply for a working permit. The entity can be established in capital regions such as Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta, Batam, etc.


A Step-by-Step of Company Registration in Indonesia

how to register company in indonesia

The establishment of a company in Indonesia (including Bali, Batam, Lombok, etc) has to follow different steps.

Pre Registration

Before starting the registration process, the applicants need to define the following.

Company Name

The Indonesian ministry requires the name of the company to be written in three words. The name is applied to the Directorate General of Legal Administration Affairs. The words can be in English and the company name has to be unique with no other company using this name. A locally owned company cannot use English words to register its name.

The company name is not a brand name and the trademark of the logo or company name has to be registered separately.

  • Some words, such as OF, are not eligible.
  • Combinations of symbols, letters and numbers are not eligible for registration
  • Terms that are against the Indonesian government, religion or morality are not allowed
  • Has to be in line with the business activity or not misleading
  • Cannot represent a government institution


To register a company in Indonesia, it is essential to adhere to these naming conventions to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Company shareholders and board of directors

To register a company in Indonesia, the company needs at least 1 director and 1 commissioner. The director of the company is in charge of conducting policy and ensuring its management. The director needs to be reappointed every 5 years by the shareholders.

The commissioner of the company has the role of supervising the director and reporting to the shareholders. The commissioner can suspend the director at any time if the director is conducting activities that are not in accordance with the interests of the company. The main role of the commissioner is:

  • Oversight and Supervision
  • Advisory Role to the board of directors
  • Annual report approval
  • Compliance with the Indonesian law

The shareholders of a PT PMA can be:

  • Another legal entity (Indonesian or oversea)
  • A foreigner
  • A local person

The structure of the company is crucial to be analysed before the registration process as it will impact the tax structure and dividend and how the funds can be injected into the PT PMA. We recommend discussing this with a professional before defining the shareholders to ensure a smooth process when you register a company in Indonesia.


company registration indonesia

After defining the name, board of directors and optimal structure of the company, the registration process takes 3 days to 2 weeks if no additional licence approval is required.

The registration can be done with a representative or in person. The deed of establishment of the PT PMA has to be notarized.

Articles of Association (AKTA)

The articles of association are governed by the corporate law and terms are standardised. The AKTA cannot remove rights to other shareholders to get financial dividends. The AKTA can, however, define a class of shares to limit some voting rights or influence in the company.

  • Shareholders name and class of shares 
  • Rights attached to each share and the nominal value of each share
  • Amount of authorised capital, issued capital and paid-up capital and the amount
  • Company’s name and location
  • Business activity
  • Board of Directors and commissioners
  • Methods and locations to hold shareholder meetings
  • Procedures for using and distributing the company’s profit and dividends
  • Period of incorporation of the company (5 years to be reappointed)


The deed of establishment is submitted to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for Approval. The ministry will issue the ministry approval (Sk) after the company has been registered.

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To register a company in Indonesia, it is now required to use the Online Single Submission (OSS) system, which centralizes most of the formalities for companies. While companies previously needed to issue a domicile letter, the new procedure involves registering the company through this web portal. The OSS system streamlines the registration process, enhancing corporate compliance in Indonesia.

A company needs to have a domiciliation. The address of the company needs to be registered in a place with a building permit and function allocated to commercial activities. In other words, the company cannot be registered in a villa or other building with no legal documents.

Tax identification – NPWP

To register a company in Indonesia, each company must be registered online on the tax authority website (Kantor Pajak). The tax number (NPWP) has to be issued before the company’s business identification number is obtained and it is able to operate. 

  • Create an account using the email address you used for OSS. 
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Upload the documents through the registration application
  • Tax office will issue the taxpayer identification card and tax registration certificate one day after the issuance of the receipt and it will be sent by e-mail to the address of the company


Business registration number – NIB

The nomor identification business (13 digits) is issued through OSS once the registration is completed.

The NIB defines the scope of activity or business line of the company. The company can have several business codes (KBLI) appearing on the NIB. However the company needs to indicate in the Akta the classification. 

The deed of establishment has to be amended each time a company wants to register a new activity.

Some business classification needs additional verification or inspection on site of the business before getting a final approval depending on the risk level. Activities classified as high risk will need the issuance of a Sertifikat Standard.

Indonesia has hundreds of KBLI, and the violation of the scope of the KBLI can lead to fines or cessation of the business. We recommend consulting us before approving the KBLI indicated on your deed.