Foreign companies or foreigners willing to organise events in Indonesia have to comply with the regulation. From organising a concert with a DJ or organising a retreat in Bali and the rest of Indonesia requires meeting some requirements.

As other activities, the organisation of events is considered as a business activity generating a revenue. It is important as a first step to understand if the foreigner is coming to Indonesia to participate in an event or is coming to Indonesia to organise the event.


Joining a retreat or a concert as a member of the event is different from organising the event. If a DJ is coming to Indonesia then this person will need to have a proper visa from a sponsor authorising the person to join the event. The person in charge to declare the revenue will be the company and this company is responsible to pay the proper insurance.

For example the immigration defines the visa for music performers as below Performing music performances. DJs visiting Bali and the rest of Indonesia have to apply.

The Indonesian government also requires other speakers or people joining an event to have a special visa for the following. “Carry out activities related to speakers, lecturers, presenters, or public figures but not in an employment relationship with parties in Indonesia.”

Conducting activities on the Indonesian territory and generating revenue from this activity is considered as work on the territory and requires per consequences to have the proper associated visa. The website of the Indonesian government allows foreigners to apply for the rights visa. Yoga teacher, sports consultants have to comply with the regulation even if the trip is below 1 week.

Yoga in Bali during event and retreat


Foreigners willing to organise in Bali and the rest in Indonesia are under the scope of a business activity done on the Indonesian territory. In consequence the organiser needs to have the proper licence.

Option 1: Having a partnership with an organiser in Indonesia

If foreigners are willing to organise a single event, retreat in Bali and the rest of Indonesia, the fastest solution and cheapest one might be to do a partnership with an existing company here who will sponsor the event and the foreign worker during the event. The organiser will be responsible for the insurance, pays the expenses on your behalf and will have legally the licence to host or organise the event.

Option 2: Setting your own event organiser company

If your plan is to organise more than one event then the best solution is probably to set up your own event company in Indonesia to organise your retreat, your concert or other form or events.

The company can have as shareholders individuals or corporations willing to organise the event. The setup is usually taking a few days to a few weeks. The company will apply for a business licence related to events.

Once the company has been established, the Indonesian government will provide a tax number called NPWP. This tax number is necessary to perform commercial transactions as an entity in Indonesia.

As a third step, the company will be able to sponsor working permits as well for foreign workers or to hire local workers for the events.

Establishing a company also has some consequences such as  reporting the tax every month.

Before establishing a company it is important to consider your business plan and study which solution is the most suitable for your project. Visa agents and other market entry companies might push for a solution or another. We recommend first to study your objectives before going to a solution. Having your company imply to maintain a company and tax and having a simple visa doesn’t mean that your visa makes you legal to organise the event.

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