More foreigners or foreign clinics are now looking how to open a clinic in Bali, Jakarta or the rest of Indonesia. Discover in this guide how to do it. ILA Global Consulting.

  1. Opening a beauty clinic in Bali for foreigners
  2. How to practice as a foreign doctor in Indonesia and Bali and open a clinic?
  3. Type of clinic in Indonesia
  4. Medial tourism and Beauty clinic

1. Opening a beauty clinic in Bali for foreigners

Offering laser, injection, and dermatology services involves multiple licensing procedures. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process if you consider to open a clinic in Bali or somewhere else in Indonesia and Jakarta.

a. Business License (IU/Tanda Daftar Usaha):

  • Register your business online through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system (
  • Choose the appropriate business classification based on your clinic’s services (e.g., “Klinik Kecantikan” for a general beauty clinic).
  • Prepare required documents like company deed, shareholder information, and tax identification number.
  • Submit the application and pay the processing fees.
  • Upon approval, receive your Business License, which allows you to operate legally.

b. Clinic Permit (Izin Klinik):

  • Apply for the Izin Klinik from the Ministry of Health office in Bali.
  • Meet specific requirements regarding:
  1. Clinic facility: Minimum space, ventilation, lighting, accessibility, waste disposal.
  2. Equipment: Availability of necessary equipment for laser, injection, and dermatology services as per regulations.
  3. Personnel: Qualified doctors and nurses with relevant licenses and experience.
  4. Operational procedures: Infection control protocols, patient management systems, emergency plans.
  • Prepare an application package with detailed documents related to your clinic’s infrastructure, equipment, personnel, and operating procedures.
  • Submit the application and pay the processing fees.
  • After inspection and approval by the Ministry of Health, receive your Izin Klinik, authorizing you to operate as a medical clinic.

c. Medical Practice Licenses (SIP/Surat Izin Praktik):

  • All doctors and nurses working in your clinic require individual SIP licenses issued by the Indonesian Medical Council (KKI).
  • For Indonesian doctors: Submit their medical degrees, professional licenses, and certificates of relevant specialization to KKI Bali.
  • For foreign doctors:
  1. Apply for a competence evaluation by KKI to assess their qualifications and skills for practicing in Indonesia.
  2. Complete a three-month adaptation program at a designated Indonesian hospital or clinic to familiarize themselves with local healthcare practices.
  3. Upon successful evaluation and program completion, apply for a SIP license from KKI Bali.

d. Cosmetics Registration (BPOM):

If you plan to use medical product, ensure the product you import and distribute have been registered.

  • Register all cosmetic products used in your clinic with the National Agency for Food and Drug Control (BPOM).
  • This includes injectables, laser equipment consumables, topical medications, and skincare products.
  • Visit the BPOM website ( for registration guidelines and required documents.

e. Additional Permits:

  • Depending on the specific laser devices or medications used, additional permits may be necessary from relevant authorities.
  • Medical devices in Indonesia need to be registered. You also need to ensure your team received a proper training and got the certification from the official distributor. It is important to notice that you cannot import a medical device by yourself if the device has not been approved and registered.

clinic in bali and in Indonesia

2. How to practice as a foreign doctor in Indonesia and Bali and open a clinic?

As of December 2023, yes, a foreign doctor can practice in a private beauty clinic in Indonesia under certain conditions:

Law No. 17 of 2023, also known as the Omnibus Health Law, opened the door for qualified foreign medical personnel to practice in Indonesia. This includes doctors specializing in aesthetic procedures relevant to beauty clinics.

a. Specific requirements and limitations:

  • Specialization: Foreign doctors can only practice in their area of specialization. For beauty clinics, this would mean doctors qualified in dermatology, plastic surgery, or other relevant fields.
  • Competence Evaluation: Foreign doctors must undergo a competence evaluation conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Health. This ensures they meet the required standards for practicing in Indonesia.
  • Adaptation Program: After passing the evaluation, foreign doctors must complete an adaptation program at a local hospital or clinic. This program helps them familiarize themselves with the Indonesian healthcare system and medical practices.
  • Work Permit: Foreign doctors need a special work permit to practice in Indonesia. This permit is typically valid for two years, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

b. Additional points to consider to open a clinic in Bali:

  • The Indonesian Medical Council (KKI) has issued regulations specifically for foreign doctors practicing in the country. These regulations detail the application process, required documents, and fees.
  • It’s important to note that the regulations around foreign doctors are relatively new and may evolve over time. Staying updated on the latest developments is crucial.

Overall, while there are hurdles, it is now possible for qualified foreign doctors to contribute their expertise to the growing beauty clinic sector in Indonesia.

Opening clinic in Bali and Indonesia

3. Type of clinic in Indonesia

In Indonesia, a diverse range of clinics cater to the healthcare needs of the population, reflecting the country’s vast and varied healthcare landscape. Overall, the diverse array of clinics in Indonesia underscores the country’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services that cater to the diverse needs of its population. While setting up a clinic is straightforward, careful tax planning is essential, particularly in Indonesia

a. By Focus/Specialty:

  • Klinik Kecantikan Umum: General beauty clinics offering basic facials, waxing, hair removal, and skin treatments.
  • Klinik Dermatologi: Specialized clinics focusing on skin health, diagnosis, and treatment of skin conditions.
  • Klinik Bedah Plastik: Plastic surgery clinics performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.
  • Klinik Injeksi Kecantikan: Offering cosmetic injections like Botox and fillers.
  • Klinik Perawatan Laser: Utilizing laser technology for various aesthetic procedures.
  • Klinik Gigi Estetika: Focusing on cosmetic dentistry for smile enhancement.
  • Klinik Wellness Holistik: Combining medical aesthetics with traditional therapies and lifestyle guidance for holistic well-being.
  • Spa Medis: Integrating spa treatments with medical procedures for a relaxing and results-oriented experience.
  • Klinik Rawat Jalan: Outpatient clinics for general medical consultations and treatments.
  • Rumah Sakit: Hospitals offering comprehensive medical care with inpatient facilities.

b. By Legal Classification:

  • Klinik Pratama: Primary clinics handling basic medical issues and preventative care.
  • Klinik Utama: Principal clinics providing more specialized services and advanced equipment.

These are just some examples, and the specific types of clinics can vary depending on factors like location, regulations, and individual clinic offerings.

To accurately describe a specific clinic in Indonesian, it’s best to use the terminology based on its focus/specialty (e.g., Klinik Dermatologi) or legal classification (e.g., Klinik Utama).

Pratama Clinic Business Fields below are Allocated for Cooperatives and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), as regulated in Presidential Regulation no. 49 of 2021 concerning Amendments to Presidential Regulation no. 10 of 2021 concerning the Investment Business Sector:

  1. Private Maternity Home,
  2. General Medical Clinic,
  3. General Medicine Clinic,
  4. Residential Health Services, an
  5. Basic Health Service Facilities

In other terms those type of clinics are not open to 100% foreign ownership (PT PMA).

4. Medial tourism and Beauty clinic

Here are some example of Clinic you might consider to open in Bali or Indoensia

a. Holistic Wellness Clinics:

  • Follow the same initial licensing process as general clinics.
  • Depending on the range of services offered, they might need additional permits for:
    • Traditional therapies: Permits for practices like acupuncture or massage.
    • Nutritional consultations: Permits for specific dietary services.

b. Medical Spas:

  • Similar to specialty clinics, they require the initial licenses (IU/Tanda Daftar Usaha and Klinik Izin) and potentially:
    • Permits for medical procedures: Additional permits for injectables, laser treatments, or any surgery-like procedures offered.
    • Permits for spa amenities: Separate permits for spa facilities like hydrotherapy pools or saunas.

c. General Observations:

  • The overall complexity and cost of acquiring licenses increase with the level of specialization and the use of advanced equipment or procedures.
  • It’s crucial to consult with a qualified legal professional who understands the specific regulations and permits applicable to your chosen clinic type and services.

Additional Notes:

  • Some cities or regions might have additional local regulations or permits required for clinic operation.
  • Staying updated on any changes in regulations is essential to ensure compliance and avoid legal complications.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct KBLI code specifically for “medical spa” in Indonesia to start a company in Indonesia. The KBLI system classifies businesses based on their primary activity, and since medical spas combine aspects of both medical and spa services, determining the most suitable code requires examining their dominant focus.

d. Can you open a medical spa in Bali or in Indonesia?

Here are two options depending on the emphasis of your medical spa:

  1. If the medical aspect is dominant:
  • Consider using the KBLI code for Klinik Rawat Jalan Khusus (Outpatient Clinic Speciality), categorized as 8623-1. This code encompasses clinics providing specialized medical services, which could apply to medical spas offering procedures like injectables, laser treatments, or minor surgeries.
  1. If the spa aspect is dominant:
  • You might consider using the KBLI code for Salon Kecantikan dan Pangkas Rambut (Beauty Salon and Hairdressing), categorized as 9602-9. This code applies to businesses offering various personal care services, which could be suitable for medical spas focusing on massages, hydrotherapy, or aesthetic treatments like facials and body wraps. However this activity is not open to 100% foreign investment. Contact us to know more how you can open this type of activity

Ultimately, the most appropriate KBLI code depends on the specific services offered by your medical spa. It’s recommended to consult with us to ensure you choose the most accurate and compliant code for your business.